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What Is Velvet Fabric


        Velvet fabric is a soft, luxurious fabric chara […]

        Velvet fabric is a soft, luxurious fabric characterized by a dense pile of uniformly cut fibers with smooth fluff. Due to the characteristics of the short-staple fiber, velvet fabric has a beautiful drape and a unique soft and shiny appearance.

  Velvet fabric is popular in evening dresses and special occasion dresses because the fabric was originally made of silk. Cotton, linen, wool, mohair, and synthetic fibers can also be used to make velvet, which makes velvet cheaper and can be incorporated into everyday clothing. Velvet is also a fixture for home decoration, used as decorative fabrics, curtains, pillows, etc.

  What is the origin of velvet?

  The first batch of velvet fabric was made of silk, so it was incredibly expensive, and only the royal and noble class could use it. This material was first introduced in Baghdad around 750 AD, but production eventually spread to the Mediterranean, and the fabric was distributed throughout Europe.

  How is velvet fabric made?

  The velvet fabric is made on a special loom. This woven fabric is called a double-layer fabric and can produce two pieces of velvet simultaneously. Velvet fabric is characterized by uniform pile height, usually less than half a centimeter.

  Today's velvet fabrics are usually made of synthetic and natural fibers, but were originally made of silk. Nowadays, pure silk velvet fabric is very rare because it is very expensive. Most velvet fabrics sold in the market are a combination of silk and rayon. Synthetic velvet fabric can be made of polyester, nylon, viscose, or rayon.

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