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Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of QSF Group, is committed to the development and production of various functional home fabrics. We are China Fancy Polyester Yarn Manufacturers and Custom Fancy Yarn Suppliers. We offer Various Fancy Yarn. QSF Group integrates the research, development, design, production, and sales of yarns and fabrics. Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is characterized by the production of inherent flame-retardant curtain fabrics with a width of 360cm. In workshops, we strictly implement 5S management to standardize production and hugely guarantee the quality of the products. Relying on the complete industrial chain of QSF Group, Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is making progress on the research and development of inherent flame retardant fabrics, inherent antibacterial fabrics, inherent flame retardant and antibacterial fabrics, and eco-friendly flame retardant fabrics, to provide solutions that meet the different needs of customers.

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Fancy Yarn Industry knowledge

There are several differences between Custom Fancy Yarn and ordinary yarn:

Appearance and Texture: Custom Fancy Yarn usually has a unique appearance and texture, and may contain various decorative effects, such as curls, plush, tassels, beads, etc., making it more decorative and visually attractive. Ordinary yarns are usually simple single-color or multi-color plain yarns without special decorative effects.
Material composition: The material composition of Custom Fancy Yarn may be different from ordinary yarn, and some special fibers or materials are usually added to add texture and effect. These special materials can be silk, wool, linen, metal thread, etc., making Custom Fancy Yarn more rich and diverse.
Uses and applications: Custom Fancy Yarn is usually used in high-end fashion, home decoration, handicrafts and other fields to make decorative and artistic products. Ordinary yarn is more commonly used to make ordinary textiles such as clothing, knitwear, and fabrics.
Price: Due to the special texture and decorative effect of Custom Fancy Yarn, the price is usually higher than that of ordinary yarn. This also reflects the high-end positioning and more complex production process of Custom Fancy Yarn.
Design and customization: Custom Fancy Yarn usually has stronger design and customization, and can be customized and produced according to customer requirements to meet different design needs and creative requirements. Ordinary yarns are more mass-produced and have relatively fixed specifications.
Compared with ordinary yarn, Custom Fancy Yarn has a more unique appearance and texture, special material composition, wider uses and applications, higher price, and stronger design and customization.

Custom Fancy Yarn has a wide range of applications in many industries, mainly including:

Fashion and clothing industry: Custom Fancy Yarn is often used in the production of fashion and high-end clothing. It is used to weave or weave various styles of fabrics, such as sweaters, sweaters, wool coats, etc., giving the clothing a unique texture and appearance.
Home decoration industry: Custom Fancy Yarn is also commonly used in the field of home decoration. It is used to make sofa cushions, cushions, carpets, curtains and other household items to increase the beauty and comfort of home decoration.
Handicraft production: Custom Fancy Yarn is often used in the production of handicrafts, such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc., to produce various handicrafts, such as hangings, pillows, handmade bags, etc., giving the handicrafts a unique artistic sense and value.
Handicraft manufacturing: Custom Fancy Yarn is also commonly used in the handicraft manufacturing industry, such as carpets, tapestries, wall hangings, etc. Its unique texture and color combination add beauty and value to handicrafts.
Toy Manufacturing: Custom Fancy Yarn is also widely used in the toy manufacturing industry to make plush toys, dolls, etc., adding a fun and cute appearance to the toys.
High-end textiles: Custom Fancy Yarn is also often used to produce high-end textiles, such as scarves, scarves, ties, etc., with its unique texture and luster, creating high-end textiles.
Custom Fancy Yarn is widely used in many industries such as fashion, home decoration, handicrafts, handicrafts, toy manufacturing, and advanced textiles.