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Recycled flame retardant fabric
Recycled solution dyed fabric

Using recycled polyester material and using polymerization spinning process technology to produce high-quality recycled polyester fibers, in addition to reducing environmental pollution and the use of petrochemical raw materials, it can also reduce CO2 and energy losses and slow down global warming. This product has obtained international certifications such as GRS.

● Reduce the use of oil.
● Reduce the pollution to air, water and soil.
● Esxtending the time of landfilling garbage.
● Reduce toxtic substance made of waste burning

PET Recycling Granulation Equipment

The plastic recycling system has an advanced plastic recycling process that goes from bottle chips to end products in one step. This system has been authorized and certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food and Drug Administration (EFSA) to produce food contact grade recycled plastic products.

PET Recycling Granulation Meaningful

With years of accumulated experience, the company has accumulated rich experience and technology in the industry, providing customers with new one-stop green environmental protection solutions, and contributing to the renewal, growth and development of non-woven technology.
In the future, we will continue to maintain the concept of green and sustainable development, and link the three major factors of economic benefits, environmental impact, and social reputation in the process of development. The latest products will empower green environmental protection and help the cause of global sustainable development.