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Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of QSF Group, is committed to the development and production of various functional home fabrics. We are China Polyester Banner Fabric Manufacturers and Custom Polyester Banner Fabric Suppliers. We offer Various Polyester Banner Fabric. QSF Group integrates the research, development, design, production, and sales of yarns and fabrics. Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is characterized by the production of inherent flame-retardant curtain fabrics with a width of 360cm. In workshops, we strictly implement 5S management to standardize production and hugely guarantee the quality of the products. Relying on the complete industrial chain of QSF Group, Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is making progress on the research and development of inherent flame retardant fabrics, inherent antibacterial fabrics, inherent flame retardant and antibacterial fabrics, and eco-friendly flame retardant fabrics, to provide solutions that meet the different needs of customers.

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Banner Fabric Industry knowledge

Custom Polyester Banner Fabric is durable, colorful, and easy to print and process. Common applications include:

Outdoor billboards: Custom Polyester Banner Fabric is often used as a material for outdoor billboards. Its weather resistance and color stability enable long-term display of advertising information in outdoor environments.
Commercial exhibitions: At commercial exhibitions, Custom Polyester Banner Fabric is often used to produce exhibition booth backgrounds, slogans, promotional banners, etc., to provide an eye-catching way to display products and services.
Event layout: Custom Polyester Banner Fabric is often used for the layout of various activities, such as celebrations, festivals, events, etc., to produce banners, flags, scenery, etc. to increase the atmosphere of the event.
Interior decoration: Custom Polyester Banner Fabric can also be used for interior decoration, such as exhibition halls, shops, restaurants and other places, to produce wall decorations, hanging paintings, decorative paintings, etc., to increase the beauty of the space.
Cultural promotion: Governments, schools, cultural institutions and other institutions often use Custom Polyester Banner Fabric to produce cultural promotion banners, slogans and exhibitions to promote cultural knowledge and values.
Sports events: Custom Polyester Banner Fabric is often used in stadiums and sports events sites to produce spectator stand banners, medal arrangements, advertising slogans, etc.
Architectural decoration: In the field of architectural decoration, Custom Polyester Banner Fabric can be used for building exterior wall decoration, hanging decoration, building enclosures, etc., to add beauty and character to the building.
Custom Polyester Banner Fabric has a wide range of application fields and is commonly used in outdoor advertising, commercial exhibitions, event layouts, interior decoration, cultural promotion, sports events, architectural decoration and other occasions.

Key features of Custom Polyester Banner Fabric include:

Durability: Because it is made of polyester fiber, it has high durability and tensile strength, and can withstand various indoor and outdoor climate conditions and continuous use.
Lightweight and easy to carry: Compared with other materials, polyester banner fabric is generally lighter and easier to carry and install, making it easy to set up and take down quickly.
Good printing effect: This kind of fabric is often produced through digital printing technology, which can present brightly colored, clear and sharp patterns and text, with excellent visual effects.
Weathering resistance: It has certain UV resistance and water resistance, can withstand the sun and rain, and maintain a long service life and appearance.
Customizability: According to customer needs, banners of different sizes, shapes, patterns and text can be customized to meet the needs of various indoor and outdoor advertising signs and activities.
Environmental protection: Usually made of environmentally friendly polyester fiber, it does not contain harmful substances and is harmless to the environment and human body.
Custom Polyester Banner Fabric has the main characteristics of durability, lightness, good printing effect, strong weather resistance, high customizability and environmental protection. It is suitable for the production of various indoor and outdoor advertising signs and event banners.