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Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of 3 Common Curtain Fabric Materials


The classification and characteristics of curtain fabri […]

The classification and characteristics of curtain fabrics. With the improvement in living standards, the editor found that everyone’s quality of life has improved a lot. After living in a new house, of course, it is also very annoying in the decoration of the new house. For example, how to choose materials for curtains? The material of curtain fabrics can be divided into three categories: natural fibers, chemical fibers, and blended fabrics. Below, Velvet Fabric Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of 3 common curtain fabric materials:

1. Chemical fibers include synthetic fibers and regenerated fibers: synthetic fibers are by-products of petrochemical and coking industries, mainly including polyester, nylon, and acrylic fibers; regenerated fibers are spun after dissolving cellulose such as straw and bark Products mainly include viscose, rayon, rayon and so on.

2. Blended fabrics are products made of chemical fibers mixed with other natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and hemp, mainly including cotton and linen, polyester cotton, polyester linen, etc.

3. Natural fibers mainly include cotton, hemp, wool, silk, etc.

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