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Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Advantages Of Velvet Fabrics


Velvet Fabric Manufacturers introduces the advantages o […]

Velvet Fabric Manufacturers introduces the advantages of velvet fabrics:


1. The velvet fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarns with high matching and above, mainly including printing color, plain pattern, jacquard and stripping, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series. The raw materials are all 65T/35C, 80 cotton/20 polyester, 80 polyester/20 cotton, bamboo fiber cotton velvet, and so on. Velvet fabric has a great flowing drape and elegant luster, so it is a high-value fabric, and many fabrics are incomparable, so it has become the favorite of fashionistas.


2. Compared with core-spun silk, velvet has much higher elasticity, better hand feeling, and better warmth retention. The velvet fabric feels comfortable, and its texture is delicate, so it feels like touching the soft fluff in your hand, whether it is close-fitting clothing or bedding, it is a good choice. The velvet fabric has a relatively strong warmth retention, using silk as a raw material or as a warp, especially in winter, it will not make people feel cold.


3. The velvet fabric is designed and woven with imported materials, it will not be deformed after washing, and its durability and abrasion resistance will be increased by 3 times. It also has supporting force and massage functions. Velvet fabric has the advantages of no lint and no fading. Its pile or pile loops stand tightly, the color is elegant, and the fabric is firm and wear-resistant, so the effect is good and the price is very high.

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