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Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Introduces 7 Ways To Install Curtains


Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Introduces 7 Ways to Instal […]

Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Introduces 7 Ways to Install Curtains

1. Install the curtain slide installation method.
The sliding rail installation of curtains is generally used for small curtains, such as the installation of floating curtains. After drilling holes in the wall with an electric drill, install the slide rails for the curtains, and then hang the curtains on the slide rails. There are two ways to install the track: top-mounted and side-mounted.

2. Double rod slide rail installation method.
The installation method of the track is the same as that of the single track, except that it is a double track after installation so that we can hang the gauze curtain on the outer layer and the blackout curtain on the inner track.

3. Paste installation method.
If the home is relatively simple, or it is a rental house, you can choose to install the curtains by sticking them. Generally, there are double-sided hooks, which can be directly fixed in the position to be installed.

4. Roman rod installation method.
Also, use an electric drill to fix the Roman rod in the position to be installed, and then hang the curtain cloth on the curtain rod. There are two types of pole installation methods: top-mounted and side-mounted.

5. Double track Roman pole installation method.
It is similar to the installation method of a single Roman rod, except that there are two curtain rods after installation so that we can choose to hang a gauze curtain and a common curtain, and the gauze curtain can bring an aesthetic feeling to the home.

6. Telescopic rod installation method.
If you temporarily install it yourself and don’t have installation tools, you can choose to use a telescopic rod to install it. A rod that can be self-controlled according to the length of your needs can be directly placed on the wall where you need to hang curtains, and you can hang curtain cloth. , This installation method requires that the walls on both sides of the window have the load-bearing capacity to install.

7. Electric curtain track installation method.
Generally, the electric curtain track is relatively troublesome. If you don’t need to punch a hole, you need to connect the power supply. You can find a professional to install it. After the curtains are fixed, the curtains can be automatically opened and closed directly through the remote control.

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