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Features Of Velvet Fabric


Velvet fabrics are often interwoven with different raw […]

Velvet fabrics are often interwoven with different raw materials such as cotton, eye, viscose, polyester, and nylon. Usually, silk is used for warp, cotton yarn is weft, and silk or rayon is used for raising loops. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving, the user requirements are different, and the raw materials used for weaving are also different.

Below, Velvet Fabric features:

1. The velvet fabrics are all made of high-quality cotton yarns with high matching and above, mainly including printing color, plain flower, jacquard and drawing, yarn-dyed and burnt-out several series. The raw materials are all 65T/35C, 80 cotton/20 polyester, 80 polyester/20 cotton, bamboo fiber cotton velvet, etc.

2. Compared with core-spun silk, velvet has much higher elasticity, better hand feel, and better warmth retention.

3. The velvet fabric is designed and woven with imported materials, which is not deformed by washing, and its wear resistance and wear resistance are enhanced by 3 times.

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