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7 different types of velvet fabrics


  There are several different velvet fabric types becau […]

  There are several different velvet fabric types because the fabric can be woven from many different materials using many methods.

  1. Broken velvet. As the name suggests, crushed velvet has a "crushed" appearance, which is achieved by twisting the fabric when wet or squeezing the pile in different directions. The appearance has patterns and gloss, and the material has a unique texture.

  2. Panne velvet is a crushed velvet to which heavy pressure is applied to push the pile in one direction. The same pattern will appear in knitted fabrics such as velvet, which is usually made of polyester instead of real velvet.

  3. Embossed velvet. Embossed velvet is a printed fabric made by hot embossing, which is used to apply pressure to the velvet and push down the pile to form a pattern. Embossed velvet is very popular in interior decoration velvet materials, which are used in home decoration and design.

  4. This type of patterned velvet is created by cutting some circular threads without cutting others.

  5. Ordinary velvet. Velveteen is usually lint. It is heavy, has almost no elasticity, and does not have the luster of velvet made of silk or synthetic fibers.

  6. Elastic velvet. Stretch velvet adds spandex into the tissue to make the material more elastic and elastic.

  7. Fleece. This type of velvet has piles of different lengths to form patterns. Velvet decorative fabrics usually contain this type of velvet.

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