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Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd.

Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of QSF Group, is committed to the development and production of various functional home fabrics. We are China Polyester Ready Made Fabrics Manufacturers and Custom Ready Made Fabrics Suppliers. We offer Various Ready Made Fabrics. QSF Group integrates the research, development, design, production, and sales of yarns and fabrics. Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is characterized by the production of inherent flame-retardant curtain fabrics with a width of 360cm. In workshops, we strictly implement 5S management to standardize production and hugely guarantee the quality of the products. Relying on the complete industrial chain of QSF Group, Qiansifang (Suzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is making progress on the research and development of inherent flame retardant fabrics, inherent antibacterial fabrics, inherent flame retardant and antibacterial fabrics, and eco-friendly flame retardant fabrics, to provide solutions that meet the different needs of customers.

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Ready Made Industry knowledge

Custom Ready Made Fabrics and custom fabrics differ in the following ways:

production methods:
Custom Ready Made Fabrics are pre-produced fabrics of standard sizes, usually made in universal sizes, that can be purchased and used directly.
Customized fabrics are customized and produced according to the specific needs and requirements of customers. They can be customized according to the size, color, pattern, etc. provided by the customer.
Custom Ready Made Fabrics are ready-made and widely sold in the market. Customers can purchase them directly according to their needs, eliminating the waiting time for customized fabrics.
Customized fabrics need to go through a production cycle and usually require a waiting period to obtain.
The designs and sizes of Custom Ready Made Fabrics are usually fixed and customers can choose from available designs and sizes.
Customized fabrics offer greater flexibility as customers can customize the desired design, size and color to suit their preferences and needs.
Custom Ready Made Fabrics are generally less expensive than custom fabrics because they are produced in large quantities and have lower production costs.
The price of custom fabrics is usually higher because of the higher production costs and the need for custom production according to the customer's individual needs.
Custom Ready Made Fabrics are suitable for general home decoration, DIY projects, and some small and medium-sized commercial projects.
Customized fabrics are suitable for projects with special needs, such as high-end home decoration, brand promotion, event layout, etc., which require personalized customization.
There are certain differences between Custom Ready Made Fabrics and custom fabrics in terms of production methods, availability, flexibility, price and applicability. Customers can choose the appropriate fabric according to their specific needs and budget.

Advantages of Custom Ready Made Fabrics include:

Personalized customization: Can be customized according to customer needs and preferences, including selecting parameters such as material, color, size, etc., to meet customers' individual needs.
Ready: The customized fabric is ready. Customers can purchase and use it directly without waiting for the production cycle, saving time and energy.
High-quality materials: Usually produced using high-quality raw materials and processes, with reliable quality and strong durability, which can meet customers' quality requirements.
Professional customization services: Provide professional customization services, including design, material selection, production and after-sales service support, to ensure customer satisfaction.
Diversified choices: Provide a variety of choices, including different fabric materials, colors, patterns, etc., to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.
Wide range of applications: It can be used in a variety of different uses and occasions, such as home decoration, curtains, bedding, furniture decoration, etc., with strong applicability.
Enhance brand image: Customized products can highlight the customer's personality and brand image, enhancing brand awareness and competitiveness.
The advantages of Custom Ready Made Fabrics lie in personalized customization, readiness, high-quality materials, professional customization services, diversified choices, wide range of applications, and enhanced brand image.