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What Is The Difference Between Oxford Fabric And Nylon?


What is the difference between Oxford fabric and nylon? […]

What is the difference between Oxford fabric and nylon? Which is better, Oxford fabric or nylon?

Oxford fabric:

Oxford fabric is a new type of fabric with various functions and a wide range of uses. At present, the main materials on the market are: polyester, nylon, aramid, acrylic and other varieties. According to the organization, there are mainly: plain oxford fabric, twill oxford fabric, plaid oxford fabric, jacquard oxford fabric.

1. Polyester Oxford fabric

Polyester Oxford fabric is woven from polyester yarn, which is divided into polyester filament, polyester low elastic yarn and polyester staple fiber. Solid polyester Oxford fabric is divided into polyester filament Oxford fabric, polyester low elastic silk Oxford fabric, and polyester yarn Oxford fabric. Polyester Oxford fabric has the advantages of light and thin texture, soft hand feeling, good water resistance and good durability after being treated with alkali, dyeing, antistatic and coating. Often used as bags, tents, car covers, awnings, etc.

2. Nylon Oxford fabric (Nylon Oxford fabric)

Nylon Oxford fabric, also known as nylon Oxford fabric, common specifications are 210D nylon Oxford fabric, 420D nylon Oxford fabric, 840D nylon Oxford fabric, 1680D nylon Oxford fabric, 500D nylon can be pulled, 1000D nylon Oxford fabric, the product is passed through the water jet loom Woven. After dyeing, finishing and coating process, the gray fabric has the advantages of soft hand feeling, strong drapability, novel style and good waterproof performance. Because of its excellent quality and novel designs and colors, it is deeply loved by users. There are different types of colors such as navy blue, light black, tiger yellow, dark green, etc., and various colors can be selected and dyed in batches according to customer needs.

3. Aramid Oxford fabric, woven from aramid fiber. Aramid fibers mainly include aramid 1313 and aramid 1414. Aramid fiber has excellent flame-retardant properties, and is often used in fire-resistant Oxford fabric, aramid Oxford fabric, fire-fighting fabricing Oxford fabric, and fire-fighting special Oxford fabric. The products have a wide range of uses.

4. Acrylic Oxford fabric is mainly woven from acrylic staple fiber. Acrylic raw liquid dyed yarn weaves Oxford fabric, which has excellent color fastness to light. The light fastness can reach American standard level 4, European standard level 8, and can guarantee no fading for more than three years. Commonly used in various types of awnings, tents and other products.


Nylon fabrics are mainly divided into three types, nylon taffeta, nylon velvet, and nylon Oxford fabric.

1. Nylon fabric is woven from fine-denier nylon yarn. Commonly used nylon yarn specifications are 20D, 30D, 40D, and 70D. Common specifications are divided into 190T nylon spun, 210T nylon spun, 260T nylon spun, 300T nylon spun, 380T nylon spun, 400T nylon spun according to density. The densities above 300T nylon are often used as down jackets, parachutes, etc. 190T Nylon and 210T Nylon are often used as fabricing linings. After finishing with PU coating and PVC calendering, it can also be used for outdoor waterproofing such as raincoats and tents.

2. Nylon velvet fabric, the warp direction is 70D nylon filament, and the weft direction is 160D, 320D, 500D nylon air change yarn. With a soft touch, it overcomes the wrinkleability of natural linen at the same time, and is washable and easy to care for. Air variable yarn woven nylon taslan has a natural wool feeling and good fastness, which is different from ordinary brushed peach skin. After coating, it is often used in all kinds of outerwear fabrics such as jackets and jackets.

3. Nylon oxford fabric, the main specifications are 210D nylon oxford fabric, 420D nylon oxford fabric, 840D nylon oxford fabric, 1680D nylon oxford fabric, 500D nylon oxford fabric, 1000D nylon oxford fabric. It has been described in the Oxford fabric section.

Generally speaking, the Oxford material is wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and there are various finishings. Nylon material is highly wear-resistant, ranging from light and thin nylon spun to thick nylon Oxford fabric. Nylon material is expensive, and its strength is higher than that of ordinary polyester Oxford fabric under the same specification and weight.

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