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What Is The Best Fabric For Living Room Curtain Fabric?


Seemingly inconspicuous, but in fact, curtains play a v […]

Seemingly inconspicuous, but in fact, curtains play a vital role. There are really many points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing. So, what should be paid attention to when choosing Living Room Curtain Fabric ?

1. Buy cotton and linen for the living room and flannel for the bedroom
Regarding the material of the curtains, I recommend buying curtains made of cotton and linen for the living room. Not only does it look clean and neat, but the most important thing is also that the lighting ability and air permeability are good. For the bedroom, it is recommended to buy materials such as polyester and flannelette, and special attention should be paid to the shading properties. The privacy will be better during sleep, and you don’t have to worry about being woken up by the sun when you sleep late in the morning.

2. Choice of folds above 2.4m and below 4m
If the length is more than 4 meters, it is recommended to choose double folds for the curtains, which will look more atmospheric and not too cumbersome; if it is less than 4 meters, then it is more recommended to fold 1.8 times, and the distance from the ground is about 1-2 cm, looks just right.

3. Buy naturally saggy and shapeless ones
I remember that the curtains at home were all ordinary fabrics, which naturally drooped and were not shaped, and looked quite comfortable. Later, that kind of high-temperature setting came out, which was expensive and had an unnatural effect. After a long time, it was easy to be aesthetically fatigued. As mentioned above, it is recommended to buy natural sagging and irregular ones.

4. Buy stainless steel S hooks
The current way of hanging curtains is actually better to use S hooks. In fact, many of the four-claw hooks used to be tended to be eliminated. I personally recommend buying this kind of stainless steel S hook, which is beautiful and durable.

5. Buy a fixed height instead of a fixed width
Everyone knows that buying curtains is calculated by the meter. At this time, it is actually cheaper to buy fixed-height cloth than fixed-width cloth. In addition, the price of curtains is not cheap now, and the savings are not small.

6. Sheer curtains can be purchased on demand
If you buy gauze curtains, I personally prefer phantom gauze, which can achieve the effect of "transmitting light but not people", and the lighting is also good. If you want a more transparent feeling, it is recommended to buy emery, oh yes, chiffon can also be.

7. Track selection on demand
Finally, regarding the track of the curtain, I suggest buying the silent track of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and durable, and the opening and closing feel are very smooth; the curtain box is relatively small, and the ultra-thin track is also good, slightly more expensive.

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