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The 3 Types Of Blackout Curtains


  For curtains to be considered as blackouts, the fabri […]

  For curtains to be considered as blackouts, the fabric must be heavy and thick, with a mass of approximately 250 g/m². In addition, there are three main types of blackout curtains:



  Classic blackout curtains. These allow you to control the brightness of the room; for people who like to sleep in the dark, it can block 95% of the light in a room without blinds. Therefore, this kind of blackout curtain can protect privacy, and the darker the color, the better the effect. Please note that these curtains are different from opaque curtains that provide privacy but still allow light to pass through.



  Thermal insulation blinds. It is very suitable for windows without double glazing or aging windows for airflow, because its extremely tight weave can act as a thermal barrier against external temperatures. It prevents wind from entering the room, blocks the cold air between the window and its thick fabric, and maintains the same heat inside. Therefore, this kind of heat curtain can greatly save your heating costs. In order to maximize its efficiency, be sure to choose heat-insulating blackout curtains that are larger than the window size.



  Voice blackout curtains. It can protect the room from outside noise and usually helps to reduce the noise by 7dB. Therefore, it brings a certain degree of auditory comfort to a room overlooking a busy street.



  Of course, there are also options that combine multiple elements, such as curtains that have both noise reduction and heat insulation functions. On the market, you can also find other types of blackout curtains with specific characteristics, such as blackout curtains that reduce magnetic fields or mosquito curtains injected with natural insect repellent.



  Blackout curtains, decorative assets



  Whether it is lined with dark fabrics, warm fabrics or phonic fabrics, your blackout curtains will bring the finishing touches to the decorations you rent. Installation is quick and easy, and they will give your room as much personality as any other curtain, because they are available in a variety of colors, materials and styles. You will be spoiled for choice! But keep in mind that patterned fabrics are usually used in spacious rooms; in a small and dark room, they can create a suffocating feeling. In addition, if your room has a low ceiling, choose vertical stripes, and if the space is narrow, choose fine stripes.



  Blackout curtains have real benefits, so don't hesitate to use them to decorate your windows. Add a light curtain below to protect your privacy during the day.

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