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Style Features Of Living Room Curtain Fabric


Style Features of Living Room Curtain Fabric : 1. Flat […]

Style Features of Living Room Curtain Fabric :

1. Flat pull-type This is the most common curtain style. This style is relatively simple, without any decoration, any size, easy to hang and pull, and suitable for most windows. It is divided into one side flat pull-type and double side flat pull-type. However, different production methods and the use of accessories can also produce pleasing visual effects.

2. The form of the curtain lift is also very common. It can tie a bow in the middle of the curtain for decoration. The curtain can be lifted to one side or both sides to form a soft arc, which is very beautiful.

3. The lintel curtain style is more complicated, but the decorative effect is better. It can cover the rougher curtain rails and the distance between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the interior more neat and beautiful. With the popularity of the Roman rail, you can also choose the style of the curtain.

4. Lifting curtains (100-page curtains) This kind of curtains can be lifted up and down according to the intensity of the light. When the sun only shines on half of the windows, the lifting curtains will not affect the lighting, but also shade the sun. This style is suitable for width Windows less than 1.5 meters.

5. Stretch window fixed type This kind of curtain is set up and down on two window rails, and then the curtain rail is fixed on the window frame, which can be stretched and unfolded, or can be tied in the middle with ribbons or bows. This style is suitable for the glass door of the office or bathroom.

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