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Small blackout curtains, great benefits


  If you notice curtains, then curtains can not only pl […]

  If you notice curtains, then curtains can not only play a decorative role in the home. For example, an insulating lining can help maintain the temperature regulation of the house and dim outside noise. Heavy woven and double-line curtains can act as light barriers.

  Blackout curtains

  Blackout curtains are made of tightly woven dense or layered fabrics such as felt, velvet, or suede. Likewise, a shading lining, which is usually part of a shading curtain, can be added to a conventional curtain to produce the same effect. The main purpose of blackout curtains is to prevent light from flowing into unwanted houses, but they can also help isolate houses by blocking direct sunlight. Blackout curtains should not be ironed, bleached, or placed in the washing machine because they are usually synthetic linings. It is best to wipe or steam with a damp cloth. Follow the care instructions on the curtain label carefully.

  Heat curtain

  Windows are often one of the largest heat loss pathways in a house because glass has poor thermal insulation, and the airtightness of the window to the frame will decrease over time. Even though heat curtains can filter out excess natural light, they still act as isolation houses first. The heat curtain is a double- or triple-thick fabric with a thick insulating material backing, usually a polyester film moisture-proof layer. The heat curtain is usually made of 100% cotton, wool or polyester, and coated with acrylic foam or a layer of aluminum on the window side to protect it from UV rays. Due to the thick shots, these curtains can also serve as noise barriers, eliminating some noise from busy streets and crowded areas. Please follow the care instructions on the curtain label; usually, heat insulation curtains need to be washed thoroughly with mild detergent and warm water every year, or placed in the washing machine in a gentle cycle. Hang them to dry and lightly iron when needed. Regular vacuuming/dust removal and spot treatment with a damp cloth are sufficient to keep these curtains clean for the rest of the year.

  sustainable development

  Using blackout curtains or insulation curtains (or both) at home can help you save energy costs. Because curtains can reduce heat loss in colder months and reflect heat in summer, they can reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning. Although window decorations alone cannot eliminate airflow in the home, they can effectively save energy. There are many factors to consider when deciding which curtain is the most sustainable and effective for your house, so please carefully evaluate your needs and conduct research; special curtains cannot do all the work in reducing expenditure or reducing environmental footprint. But they can take you to a more sustainable and energy-efficient home.

  Determine the right family for you

  Choosing the type of curtains that suits your home mainly depends on the biggest problem you determine. If the house is fully insulated and natural light is the main problem, use blackout curtains; if outside light will not bother you, but you are troubled by well -ventilated windows, then insulated curtains are a better choice. Nevertheless, these two aspects can effectively reduce these two problems. In our Dimout Fabric, you can easily find blackout curtains and thermal curtains of various colors. You can also use bold graphic fabrics to create your own work, as long as you pay attention to the weaving and insulation of the curtains you want to create.

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