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Shopping Tips For Living Room Curtain Fabric


Shopping Tips for Living Room Curtain Fabric :   1 […]

Shopping Tips for Living Room Curtain Fabric :


1. When choosing curtain fabrics, you should first open, hang and pleat the fabric to see the big effect. You must think about the color effect after light transmission. In addition, you must determine the style. Check whether the curtain fabric matches the color and style of the room. Whether you like it or not, choose natural fibers, cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics that have good drape and comfortable touch, which is a particularly good fabric.


2. from the perspective of function, whether the curtain fabric can withstand the pollution of steam and grease, the color and material of the curtain should be selected according to the different characteristics of the season.


3. In summer, use thin, transparent, and soft yarn or silk, preferably light color. In winter, thick and fine flannel should be used, and the color is warm and heavy to highlight the thick and warm. In spring and autumn, thick material ice silk, floral cloth, artificial silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color is suitable for medium color. And floral curtains, lively and lively, suitable for all seasons.

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