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Selection Requirements For Blackout Curtain Fabric


Blackout curtains are blackout clothes. The easiest way […]

Blackout curtains are blackout clothes. The easiest way to choose a good shading cloth is to choose it against the light. The main function of shading cloth is to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, light transmittance is the most important criterion for measuring the quality of shading cloth. When purchasing a shading cloth, point the shading cloth towards the light. A good quality shading cloth will not transmit light, and a slightly poorer quality may have a weak light leaking out. Generally speaking, thicker shade cloth is of better quality and vice versa. Here are some things to consider when choosing Blackout Curtain Fabric :

1. Smell and prevent formaldehyde when choosing
Some curtains contain chemical components, which are harmful to the human body. In order to save costs, the glue will produce a pungent smell and the chemical substances exceed the standard. It emits harmful gases, so when choosing, you can smell the smell first.

2. Buy curtains according to the light decoration
When purchasing, not only need to be shaded but also beautiful. In the south-facing bedroom, in addition to the sunshade, it is best to add a layer of translucent gauze curtains.

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