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Purchasing Requirements For Living Room Curtain Fabric


Purchasing requirements for Living Room Curtain Fabric  […]

Purchasing requirements for Living Room Curtain Fabric :


1. Choose window sill curtains in different spaces. The overall style is needed in terms of color patterns.
The living room is mainly fabric-based, highlighting luxury. The silk used in the bedroom is mainly warm and comfortable. The fabrics in the study area are mainly fabrics, and the color tones need to create a sense of tranquility and tranquility.


2. Due to the different sizes and shapes of window sills at home, different styles of window sill curtains should be used. Different styles of home decoration curtains bring different window sill curtains. You can choose according to the actual situation of the window sill at home and according to your own preferences. Selecting suitable window sill curtains can also achieve the effect of making up for some window defects. For larger windows and the window, the type is curved, you can choose a combination of several independent curtains, and each curtain can be tied separately before. This will look better and will not transmit light to each other.


3. Under normal circumstances, when the window sill is making curtains, the curtain can be made in the elegant opening of the window sill. Window sill curtains wrap around the window glass inside the window sill and can be made into U-shaped or L-shaped curtains. The height of the curtains should be the same as the height of the window sill. Usually, the curtains of the bedroom windowsill are usually made into the floor through the wall. If there is a radiator in the room, it can also be made into the size of a window frame. As this kind of protruding small bay window, you can choose Roman blinds and lift curtains to look better.

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