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Polyester Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduce 10 Common Curtain Fabric Materials


Every home now has curtains. The function and decoratio […]

Every home now has curtains. The function and decoration of curtains are very important. Curtains can be soundproof, dustproof, lightproof, etc. Below, Polyester Curtain Fabric Manufacturers introduces 10 common curtain fabrics:

1. Natural fiber curtains: refers to the use of natural fibers suitable for textiles as raw materials. For example cotton, hemp, silk, hair, etc.

2. Chemical fiber curtain: It is a variety that we currently produce in large quantities. It is made of cellulose, natural polymer materials, wood, soybean, bagasse, and other raw materials through chemical and mechanical processing.

3. Blended fabric curtains: Blended fabrics are textile products woven from a mixture of chemical fibers and other natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and hemp. For example, polyester, nylon, and acrylic.

4. Pure cotton curtains: Cotton curtain fabrics feature shiny, soft, soft but not smooth, simple and natural appearance, good hygroscopicity, moisture retention, and heat resistance.

5. Linen curtains: good drape, good air permeability, good thermal conductivity, but easy to wrinkle, after finishing, breathable, high price.

6. Silk curtains: with bright luster, soft and bright colors, light and elegant, noble and gorgeous.

7. Polyester curtain: smooth to the touch, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, flashes in the sun, strong air permeability, poor hygroscopicity, easy to static electricity.

8. Cotton curtain: hard to the touch, strong wear resistance, poor light resistance, and heat resistance.

9. Cotton and linen: Cotton and linen are soft, feel good, and have a good drape and firm texture.

10. Wool curtains: smooth and flat, with clear texture, soft luster, rich body, good elasticity, and smooth feel.

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