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Poly Oxford Fabric is a lightweight waterproof fabric


Poly Oxford Fabric Poly Oxford Fabric is a lightweight, […]

Poly Oxford Fabric

Poly Oxford Fabric is a lightweight, waterproof fabric with a durable water-repellent finish and a polyurethane coating to provide a waterproof barrier. It is a versatile fabric that can be used for jacket shells, sofa pillows, covers, banners, windsocks, and umbrellas.

This fabric is commonly used for tents, camping chairs, and awnings and also can be used for all types of garden furniture. It is a lightweight, waterproof fabric that can be easily cleaned and doesn't shrink or fade.

The fabric is manufactured from polyester cotton yarns and has an excellent soft feel, hand feel, and moisture absorption properties. The fabric is available in a variety of colors and can be dyed at normal temperatures and pressures.

In recent years, oxford fabrics have become more and more popular. These fabrics have a good combination of price, quality, and performance that are hard to beat. They are lightweight, have a good hand feel, and are easy to care for.

Oxford fabrics are a special weave that gives you a great combination of strength and durability. The fabric is woven using different warp and weft yarns, different warp and weft densities, and a variety of yarn counts. The yarns are woven into an Oxford weave pattern, which creates a strong, smooth, and uniform fabric.

There are many varieties of Oxford fabric, such as plain color, bleaching, cotton, polyester blended yarns, etc; And the color is woven from cotton yarn with polyester fiber. The fabric has a soft hand-feel and can be embroidered with a needle and thread or heat pressed with a machine.

The technical characteristics of oxford fabrics are: resistance to stretching, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. These properties are directly proportional to the lifespan of the product.

In addition, it is possible to use oxford fabrics to produce items that have a good appearance. The oxford cloth has a light and smooth surface, which is ideal for all types of clothing, especially men's shirts, sportswear, and pajamas.

Oxford fabrics are also a great choice for bags and backpacks due to their strong durability, low maintenance, easy cleaning, and high resistance to water, dirt, and stains. The material is also anti-static and flame retardant, which means that it can be used in places where a fire might be a concern.

This material is made of a polyester and nylon mix, which is an economical and durable alternative to natural cotton. Polyester and nylon make it extremely durable, and resistant to abrasion, and resistant to mildew, and cold. In addition, it is a lightweight and elastic material that doesn't need to be laundered as often as traditional cotton fabrics.

Article NO:QSF2




Property : Inherent flame retardant


Style :  Plain weave

Design Color :Color Can be customized

Using Scope:Used in interior decoration, hotels and public places

FR Standard:NFPA701,BS5867,DIN4102B1,NFP92-503M1


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