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Physical Properties Of Polyester Curtain Fabric


Physical properties of Polyester Curtain Fabric : ①Colo […]

Physical properties of Polyester Curtain Fabric :

①Color. dye.

②Surface and surface shape. The complete cellulose surface is shaped like a general irregular or circular shape. It can form a special shape of fiber, such as particles, Y-shaped, medium-shaped, hollow, and other abnormal shapes.

③Density. When the fiber is completely amorphous, its density is 1.333g/cm3. )similar.

④The moisture regains rate is 0.4%~2%, wet standard wet nylon (1%~4%) and nylon (%). ; But when it can be worn, electrostatic moisture absorption is serious, and the fabric has poor air permeability and absorption.

⑤ Thermal performance. The melting point T of the density is 230-240°C, the melting point Tm is 255-265°C, and the critical point T is about 300. Charm.

⑥ Light resistance and light resistance. The resistance of elastic fibers is related to the molecular structure. Elastic fibers only have strong absorption in the 315nm lightwave region, so the strength will lose 60% after 600 hours of sunlight, which is similar to cotton tape.

⑦Poor electrical performance. The fiber has low moisture absorption, so its electrical conductivity, the dielectric constant in the range of -100 ~ +160 ℃ is 3.0 ~ 3.8, is an excellent insulator.

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