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Notes on flame retardant curtain fabrics


Notes on flame retardant curtain fabrics   Flame retard […]

Notes on flame retardant curtain fabrics

  Flame retardant curtain fabric refers to a fabric that is inherently flame-retardant or a fabric that has been chemically treated to be flame-retardant. Buying flame-retardant fabrics do not mean that the material is flame-retardant and will never catch fire, which means that they are flame-retardant and will not emit fire.

  Fire resistance and flame retardancy are important factors to consider when choosing materials for trade fair fabrics. Anything involving fabrics must generally comply with the fire protection regulations related to the venue, city, and state, and these regulations vary from place to place. It is always wise to spend the extra money and choose flame-retardant fabric or standard fabric. Fortunately, the trade show display industry has realized the need for flame-retardant fabrics, and most of the available fabric display products fall into this category.

  "It is a wise choice to spend more money to choose flame-retardant fabrics or standard fabrics"

  If the material is not advertised as a fire or flame retardant, we recommend that you ask the company for information before buying. Usually, your product comes with a flame retardant certificate. You can also request a review before buying to determine whether it complies with any trade show regulations. This certificate is provided by an independent testing laboratory as part of the coding requirements. Obtaining this document is important because firefighters may need to prove its flame retardancy on site.

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