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My Ultimate Guide to Nursery Blackout Curtains


  Curtains are one of the details often overlooked in n […]

  Curtains are one of the details often overlooked in nurseries. They are usually the last project selected, usually because they make the project over budget or look boring. In fact, curtains are one of the most important design choices you can make for a baby nursery. Not only are curtains essential for functional reasons, but they can tie the whole design together!


  I find that my clients are often scared by installing curtains. Knowing the correct size, number of panels, and proper hardware to order can be overwhelming! Here are some tips and tricks I have collected over the years.


  1. The higher and wider the curtain rod is installed, the larger and more magnificent your space will appear.


  2. The curtains should be installed on a high wall, quite close to the ceiling. The length of the curtains should barely brush the floor, or if you like that look, you can drag about 3-4 inches.


  3. To calculate the length of the curtains required for your space, measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling, and then subtract approximately 3-4 inches to account for the hardware. If your hardware allows, you can even get closer to the ceiling!


  4. You may need to customize the curtains to get the right length. If in doubt, please order longer than you need. They only need a simple hem, which your local tailor should be able to handle.


  5. The lighter the curtain fabric color and material, the larger the space, the more open the feeling.


  6. The combined width of the panel should be at least twice the width of the window. When using two panels, each panel should be equal to the width of the window. If you are buying ready-made curtains, this may not be possible, but make sure that the panel will completely cover your window.


  When choosing curtains, another key factor to consider is the direction the room faces. This will determine how much sunlight the space will receive and at what time of the day the room will receive the most sunlight and heat. For east-facing and south-facing rooms, the blackout curtain decision may be given. Babies spend most of their sleep in the daytime naps, so keep this in mind. In addition to eliminating sunlight, all ambient lighting should be dimmed or turned off, including any electronic devices that produce blue light.


  Another advantage of blackout curtains is that they help regulate the indoor temperature by blocking the sun’s heat and cold air. This is important to maintain a comfortable temperature for the baby to sleep.


  Below are some of my preferred options for blackout curtains. White, off-white, and neutral tones are great choices for any nursery. Be sure to continue scrolling down to read information about curtain hardware!


  These off-white velvet blackout curtains are definitely my first choice. They are reasonably priced and made of heavy velvet. Just make sure to get a curtain rod that can support the weight!


  These honeycomb jacquard curtains add subtle patterns and are perfect for any space. When I need to add a little interest to the design, I like to use this style. This model is applicable in both traditional and modern spaces because of its transitional nature. The choice of hardware will determine how they feel!


  I have many requirements for white blackout curtains. Evelyn curtains are one of my favorites. Cotton and linen blends combine the appearance of linen with a softer feel.


  If you are willing to spend a little more money to customize, these custom-length velvet blackout curtains are a must. They are made of luxurious, high-quality velvet fabric and can be customized to any length and width.


  If you want more charm but don't want to go too far, please choose simple and classic patterns. This minimalist striped curtain is soft and delicate, and can be used in various spaces according to your hardware and other decoration choices.


  Here are more blackout curtains suitable for nurseries:


  Some hardware tips:


  1. Blackout curtains are heavier than standard curtains, so don't buy small poles, especially if your windows are very wide. Make sure to obtain a rod with a diameter of at least 1 inch.


  2. If you have a trolley pocket curtain, you can hang it directly on the trolley, or you can get a curtain ring. Curtain rings are great because they make you look more beautiful, and they can open and close the curtains more easily. Generally, for a standard 50-inch panel, 7 rings are required for each curtain.


  3. Many curtain rings have clips-I really threw them in the trash can. They don't look good and are usually not strong enough to close blackout curtains. If you get the ring, either get the ring without the clip or remove the clip. You also need curtain pins to secure them to the curtain panels.

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