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Living Room Curtain Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Installation Process Of Living Room Curtains


Living Room Curtain Fabric Suppliers introduces the ins […]

Living Room Curtain Fabric Suppliers introduces the installation process of living room curtains:


1. Install the parts on the guide rails on the curtains, and place the parts neatly.


2. Measure the length of the curtain and install the guide rail. It will be more convenient to install the guide rail on the ground.


3. Put the installed guide rail on it to compare the length to prevent errors.


4. Pay special attention to the corners, which require special treatment. Purchase corner guide rails for installation, which are more convenient and beautiful.


5. Drill holes directly on the wall and fix them on the wall. Some of them are glued, which will not damage the wall.


6. Connect the hooks on the curtains with the hooks on the guide rails, and they can't be misplaced according to the sequence.


7. After the installation is complete, pull it back and forth so that after a few times, the curtain can be used normally.

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