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Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics And Classification Of Fabric Curtains


Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer introduces the […]

Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer introduces the types of fabrics for fabric curtains, including flannelette, cotton linen, plastic aluminum shutters, wood weaving, and fiber fabrics. These curtains are not only different in fabric, but also have certain differences in their characteristics. For example, velvet curtains are very soft to the touch and have a strong drape, while cotton and linen curtains are very good in moisture absorption and ventilation, simple and natural.

1. Curtain material
When purchasing fabric curtains for the living room, if you want to create a natural and fresh feeling in your living room, it is best to choose curtain fabrics made of soft materials. But if the living room is more ornately decorated, then you can choose curtains made of silky silk fabrics so that they can match. Usually, when people choose, they match it with screens and curtains and then add some lace or curtains to increase its layering.

2. Curtain pattern
When choosing fabric curtains for the living room, you also need to pay attention to the matching of patterns. You must know that the pattern of the curtains has a great influence on the atmosphere in the room. For example, the fresh and bright pastoral patterns can make people feel the feeling of returning to nature. But no matter which pattern you choose, it has to match the living room style.

3. Fabric curtain style
There are many styles of fabric curtains in the market, and when we choose, we must pay attention to the principle of matching, so that we can better coordinate with our living room and look more beautiful.

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