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Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer Introduces Selection Requirements For Living Room Curtain Fabrics


Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer introduces the […]

Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturer introduces the selection requirements for living room curtain fabrics:

1. Traditional blackout fabric
Traditional shading fabrics are mainly black fabrics coated with silver, which are completely designed for shading. It is made of two-layer curtain cloth, which is expensive, stiff in the hand, and rattles when pulled. Not to mention the cumbersomeness, because the thickness loses the aesthetic feeling even more. It was an accessory product that became popular at that time under the curtain. According to our home style and furniture matching, if you want to make the whole living room look grand, luxurious, or elegant, such traditional shading fabrics are absolutely unavoidable. Its heaviness and clumsiness will make the whole living room appear narrow, and the people living in it will always be full of depression. Not the best choice for our home life.

2. Printed fabric
Printed fabrics are a more popular choice that cost less than traditional blackout fabrics. It is thick and has a sense of drape. The fabric is crude but not vulgar, and the details make the whole style not monotonous. Very good gloss, under the refraction of light, will make the whole living room show a bright color during the day, coupled with the unchanged wood color in traditional decoration, it will add a mysterious and soft feeling to the whole living room. Being in it, the mood is much softer. And it is the same as the traditional shading fabric, it not only makes the whole living room full of atmosphere but also exerts its own shading effect.

3. New shading fabric
The new type of shading fabric upgrades the entire curtain fabric to a fashionable, good-hand-feeling, high-grade fabric of different styles on the basis of lower prices than traditional shading fabrics. It is different from the heaviness of traditional materials. It easily takes on the task of shading in lightness and finds its own new technology position in polyester chemical fiber and blended fabrics. This kind of fabric is the most suitable choice for living room curtains. Not only is this site mainly used for receiving guests, but also because of the intervention of new shading fabrics, our living room has gone out of the tradition and brought a sense of fashion.

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