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Living Room Curtain Fabric Company Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Curtain Fabrics


Living Room Curtain Fabric Company introduces the selec […]

Living Room Curtain Fabric Company introduces the selection requirements of curtain fabrics:

1. In terms of color
When choosing fabric, you need to consider color. Everyone has a preference for different colors, but when choosing fabrics to decorate a room, you must also consider the overall interior style and the color of the furniture. Appropriate fabric colors can be integrated with the entire home environment and strengthen the style of the room; on the contrary, it will make the room appear cluttered and lack aesthetics.

The color of the curtains in the living room should be in harmony with the color of the overall room and furniture. Generally, the color of the curtains should be darker than the wall, such as a pale yellow wall. You can choose yellow or light brown curtains; for light blue walls, you can choose brown or blue fancy curtains on a white background.

In a more spacious room, dark curtains can be used to help reduce the lonely and empty feeling. For example, the curtains in the living room generally choose a darker warm gray, which is both solemn and elegant and easy to create a warm, soft and intimate atmosphere.

2. Material aspect

The curtains are mainly configured according to the overall style and the owner's preferences. The selection of curtain materials and color tones can enhance the beauty of the room. Color matching is the key point in the curtain configuration. Different tones give people different feelings.

If you want to create a natural and refreshing home environment, it is best to choose soft cloth fabrics. If you want to create a graceful and gorgeous home atmosphere, you can choose silky silk fabrics; usually, window screens are matched with curtains, with laces and curtains. The combination of curtains is rich in layers, patchy, reasonable, elegant, and exquisite, and they are often favored. Other types of hemp, velvet, yarn, and other fabrics also occupy the market of different groups of people to varying degrees.

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