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  Are you a three-shift worker? Do you think you can ta […]

  Are you a three-shift worker? Do you think you can take more rest? Do you stay up late during the odd time of your newborn? Blackout curtains are the key basic solution for decorating curtains in your bedroom. They can be used in almost every room in your home, including the baby room. These curtains can block light and help improve energy efficiency, so you can get a better rest. The blackout curtains are composed of thick foam and fabric layers, which can prevent sunlight from entering and increase the heat insulation in the room. The term blackout especially refers to materials that have been coated with a foam layer. These are usually called passes. The pass measures the extent of the power outage. We will discuss three types of blackout curtains.


  Describe different types of blackout technologies


  Foam backing


  One-time blackout curtains can only filter some light that can enter the room. These modern energy-saving bedroom curtains are also called filters because they cannot block most of the light due to a layer of foam. In addition, these curtains provide privacy for your living room and bedroom.


  Create a two-pass blackout curtain by using two layers of foam on top of the lining. The first layer is black foam on the fabric, and the second layer is white or lighter colored foam, added on top of the black foam. These linings are believed to darken the room and do not allow complete power outages. They provide an insulating layer to prevent cold air and heat from entering. Once you use these blackout curtains at home, you can get a very stable and comfortable rest.


  Create 3 blackout curtains by first adding a white foam layer, then a black foam layer, and then a white or lighter layer. This process makes these curtain linings 100% power off. They can completely cut off electricity in a room exposed to direct sunlight. All passes can block UV rays; it all depends on which one is suitable for your particular sleeping area or room. Three-pass designs are limited to patterns printed on curtains, but they perform best in terms of energy efficiency. There are different styles of blackout curtains.


  Hot weaving


  The other style is the thermal triple-knit blackout. The thermal design is created by weaving the top and bottom layers together so that it has a complete seam. Black yarn is used to stitch the two layers together. These curtains provide better thermal protection than 1-pass cushions, which can keep the temperature of the entire room stable. Although they do provide a smaller percentage of energy efficiency, they can also block more UV rays due to their thermal protection. The shape of thermal woven curtains has a softer touch than other curtains.


  Double layer


  The double lining style consists of two different layers that are strung together to create a solid panel. The second layer is mainly stitched or glued along the side of the top layer to produce a double effect. You don't need to use multiple rods to hang these curtains. The ground floor is the one that helps isolate the room to help heat retention. The top layer is usually decorative and easy to clean or maintain. These curtains can be shaped by using jacquard printing on the front fabric and adding shading technology on the back. Since they are made of heavier fabrics and materials, they can be used in curtains, not just basic curtain panels.


  Consumers usually use this style of curtains to add additional decorative window decorations, such as hanging fabrics, layers and scarves.

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