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How To Make Blackout Curtains Without Sewing?


  Are you having trouble falling asleep because of the […]

  Are you having trouble falling asleep because of the abundant light in the morning? Although it is easy to find a beautiful pair of curtains for your bedroom, it is much more difficult to find a beautiful pair of blackout curtains. In this blog, we will introduce how to turn a pair of standard curtains into your own blackout blinds without sewing.


  Step 1-Hang and measure curtains


  Before arranging the curtains in a row, you need to hang the curtains and measure the thickness of the curtains to solve the problem of whether you need to roll up the curtains. Ideally, you want the curtains to be about 4 to 12 inches from the ground, 6 inches below the window sill, and ½ inch above the window sill. Much depends on the location of the radiator and whether you want to make the curtains full length and drag to the floor, or you want them to hang higher.


  After determining the length, you need to determine the size of the hem and add it to the length. Now you can use a sharp fabric scissors to cut the fabric to a certain length to cut along the line created at the bottom of the curtain.


  Step 2-Cut out the lining


  After adjusting the curtain to the right size, you can cut the lining to fit the bottom and side hem of the curtain. One of the easiest ways is to lay the lining fabric flat on the top of the back of the curtain on the floor, and then use a sewing needle to fix it in place. You can then check the size and make sure the hem overlaps the lining.


  Step 3-Connect the fabric


  One of the easiest ways to attach blackout interlinings to curtains is with the help of fusible hemming nets. This can be used to join two fabrics together. Simply place the curled tape between the two fabrics and use a standard iron to press them together until they are bonded together. First work from the top to the bottom of the curtain, and fix the edging tape and fabric in place with the help of sewing pins.


  Step 4-hem


  Once the shading liner is fixed on both sides of the curtain, it can be fixed to the bottom of the curtain in the same way. Then, hang the excess hem fabric under the lining curtains, and that's it. To accomplish this, you need to add a second layer of edging tape to the hem fabric and lining to connect the hem together and create a clean and professional look that you can be proud of.


  Step 5-Hang the curtains


  With a complete set of curtains, the last remaining job is to hang up the curtains and start enjoying a darker room and more sleep. This is one of the tasks that you hope to solve soon, all without sewing.

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