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Hospital Curtain Fabric Measuring Instructions


   Hospital Curtain Fabric Measuring Instructions &nbsp […]

   Hospital Curtain Fabric Measuring Instructions


         Measuring Cubicle Curtains


  Cubicle Curtains


  Cubicle curtains are curtains used around beds, in front of doorways and in other areas where privacy is an issue. All health care facilities are required to provide a certain level of privacy for their patients/residents.


  Materials used for curtains must be flame retardant (pass the NFPA 701 test) and 1/2" mesh must be used at top to allow sprinkler water to penetrate curtain if there is a fire. 20" of mesh is standard. The curtains hang from the carriers installed into cubicle track.


  How to Measure


  1. Calculate the Curtain Height


  Measure the ceiling height in inches (Example: 9′ ceiling)108"


  Subtract 2" for the carriers- 2"


  Subtract 12" to 14" from the floor- 12"


  If mesh is needed, subtract 20" for the mesh- 20"


  Fabric height= 74"


  You could express this height as 74"H + 20" Mesh or 94"H, including 20" mesh.


  2. Calculate the Curtain Width


  Measure the length of the track in inches (Example: 15′ – this will be all the track sides added together).180"


  Add 10% to provide fullness to the curtain.+ 18"


  Minimum curtain width= 198"


  Note: You must round up to the next width of fabric available for your curtain width to use standard item numbers. These standard widths are as follows: 68", 102", 136", 170", 204", 238", 272", or 306". Curtains wider than 306" are not recommended.


  Step 1: Choose a Fabric


  The most prominent feature in every privacy curtain is the fabric. Consequently, you'll want to select a type and style of fabric in the early stages of the process. Cubicle curtain fabrics come in an endless variety of patterns and colors, which can often seem overwhelming. If your facility requires a simple and fast solution, we recommend popular, solid color fabrics like Summit, which are typically in-stock and can be manufactured relatively quickly. For facilities that require a specific pattern and/or would like a more unique appearance, we suggest reviewing our large collection of cubicle curtain fabrics with designer patterns. We offer fabrics featuring everything from pediatric themed graphics to intricate floral patterns.


  Once a specific pattern and color have been chosen, it's time to decide if you would like the fabric to be antimicrobial. This feature is often standard on certain fabrics, however it can be added to most other fabrics that do not already have this characteristic.


  Step 2: Choose a Mesh Color and Height


  First, you'll want to pick a color for the mesh that will be included at the top of your cubicle curtain. Nylon Mesh is available in a variety of colors, but the most popular color is white. Next, you'll choose a height for the mesh. The standard mesh height is 20", but this may vary if your facility has a higher than normal ceiling height. If you are replacing an existing curtain, you should measure the height of the existing mesh and be sure to re-order the same height. If you're not sure which mesh height to choose, please contact us and one our product experts will be happy to provide a recommendation.


  Step 3: Determine Ceiling Height


  Measure your ceiling height from the bottom of the ceiling grid (or other style ceiling) to the floor and write this number down.


  Step 4: Measure Your Cubicle Track Length


  If your existing cubicle curtains are on a straight track. Simply measure the length of your existing track. If your existing or planned track is L-shaped or U-shaped, measure each side of the track shape as shown below (A and B).


  How to Measure a Cubicle Curtain or Privacy Curtain


  Step 5: Consider Add-ons


  Consider what extra items your cubicle curtains may need such as tie-backs, batons, snap-on panels, etc. We can also add extra appearance upgrades like fabric matched banding, framed mesh, or increased fullness.


  Step 6: Request a Quote


  1. Fabric selection - including pattern, color, and antimicrobial finish


  2. Mesh color and height (if known)


  4. Ceiling height


  5. Cubicle track length and shape


  6. Any add-ons or customizations


  7. Ship to address

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