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Features Of Blackout Curtain Fabric


The main fabric of Blackout Curtain Fabric is polyester […]

The main fabric of Blackout Curtain Fabric is polyester, that is, polyester fiber, and other auxiliary materials are made by spinning. It has good heat insulation and decorative effects and is often used in homes, hotels, and other places. It not only plays the role of shading and blocking light but also has the effect of sound insulation.

1. Choose blackout curtains according to the area, such as the living room and study room should choose brighter curtains, which invigorates people and is convenient for people to work and study. If it is a bedroom, it is recommended to choose warm color curtains to create a comfortable environment.

2. When choosing curtains, you should choose the color and material according to your home decoration style and preference. Generally, curtains with thicker materials not only have good sound absorption but also have good shading effects, such as cotton and velvet. In addition, the guest dining room can choose curtains with good light permeability, and the bedroom can choose curtains with strong light shielding, which is easy to fall asleep.

3. Pay attention to the size problem. It is not enough to cover the window. If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, the whole curtain will look abrupt and uncoordinated, which will affect the decorative effect. Some friends have large windows in their homes and want to choose to hang a wide and large curtain. Although it achieves a shading effect, the entire space will appear depressing and rigid. It is recommended to hang several slender curtains on the windows to make the space appear transparent and more beautiful.

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