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Features And Scope Of Use Of Blackout Curtain Fabric


Shading cloth is a fabric used to block sunlight and ul […]

Shading cloth is a fabric used to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It has a good luster effect and is non-toxic, tasteless, soft to the touch, sound-proof, heat-insulating, waterproof, and fire-proof. It can also be seen that blackout cloth has many advantages and is widely used in curtains and roller blinds. Let's take a look at the features of Blackout Curtain Fabric :

1. The fabric of the shading cloth has very good heat insulation. All the curtain products on the market can effectively reduce the heat radiation of the sun, but the curtain made of shading fabric has the best heat insulation effect among many curtain products. is top-ranked.

2. There are still many choices for the style and style of the fabric of the blackout cloth, so it can also be applied to various decoration styles and scenes and has a very good decorative effect.

3. Of course, the shading cloth also has disadvantages, that is, the products are uneven, because various materials, additives, finishing agents, etc. are added in the production of the shading cloth, which can improve the wrinkle resistance and waterproof performance of the product, but the quality of the product is not good. not get good protection.

4. The fabric of the shading cloth is mainly used in this way, so the shading cloth is usually a resin with multiple layers of oil-mixed color paste applied to the ground, so as to achieve the effect of blocking light, heat, and ultraviolet rays.

5. Soak the blackout fabric in soapy water, and then lightly brush the dirty cloth surface. It should be noted that the washing machine should be avoided because the strength of the washing machine is strong and it is easy to damage the fabric of the shade cloth. To dry, you should choose to drip dry directly or hang dry, and you can't wring it hard.

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