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Factors To Consider When Choosing Hospital Curtain Fabric


The curtains of medical institutions not only play an a […]

The curtains of medical institutions not only play an aesthetic role. They are also important for privacy, health, and fire protection. Medical curtains need to embed many different functions in a piece of fabric. Therefore, when choosing these curtains, you should pay attention to some important details. Buy hospital curtains here.

It is important to consider that any different person may use any medical curtain in large quantities. They can also become landing surfaces for liquids and stains. For medical curtains installed on the ceiling to be effective, they should be resistant to stains and potentially infectious liquids.

Medical institutions may find it challenging to determine the ideal product for their location. In order to start in the right direction, look for the following characteristics when choosing medical curtains.

  1. Fabric type

The curtain is defined by its fabric. For medical institutions, the selected Hospital Curtain Fabric must be strong and durable. Most hospitals and clinics use medical curtains hung from the ceiling. They act as dividers and provide privacy for patients while they are receiving treatment. Therefore, you will find that curtains are used in large quantities every day. To keep up with the trend, your fabric must be strong and durable.

In addition, the fabric you choose should be resistant to allergens and be free of heavy metals. Hypoallergenic fabrics are vital to the health of patients. Therefore, the material should not become a breeding ground for common allergens such as mold, dirt, or pollen. Thin, strong fabrics are a better choice than thick absorbent curtains (these fabrics are more likely to hide bacteria and allergens).

The fabric should also be aesthetically appealing and suitable for your interior decoration. Consider fabrics that are easy to customize, which can bring life to your medical institution.

  1. Antibacterial properties

Another important function to look for is the antibacterial properties of curtains. If you choose the wrong fabric, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, your medical curtains should have antibacterial properties.

High-quality medical curtains have an antibacterial effect and can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi around the clock. By killing the bacteria in contact, both the patient and the medical staff are less likely to transfer the bacteria from one person to another during treatment. The properties of antibacterial finishes will vary for each curtain-type you consider. Ensure that the finishing intensity is sufficient to eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

  1. Flame retardant and antifouling

Each medical curtain installed on the ceiling should also have fire resistance and antifouling properties. By choosing flame-retardant fabrics, you can reduce the risk of a small fire spreading quickly and causing serious damage to your property. In addition to fire-resistant fabrics, consider installing a row of meshes on the top of each ceiling-mounted curtain track. This setting will provide enough space for your sprinkler to operate and extinguish fires at an early stage.

Another important function your medical curtains should have is stain resistance. The stain may contain bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which can affect the health of the patient. Therefore, the fabric you choose should be thin and smooth on its outer surface. The smooth surface of the fabric prevents stains and allows curtains to perform well as a washable material.

  1. Curtain length and window accessories

You should also consider the length of each ceiling medical curtain. If curtains are installed for hospital cubicles, they should be long enough to provide privacy, but they should be hung at a reasonable distance from the ground. Indeed, the fabric should not be dragged along the floor, otherwise, the fabric may accumulate dust and bacteria over time. Look for a cloth large enough to cover people's heads (so they can't reach the next cubicle), but a few inches off the floor to prevent dragging.

Another important aspect to look for is how the curtains are installed. The hoisting track is one of the best choices for medical facilities. They are easy to install and can be used in many different room configurations. Make sure that your medical curtain can be attached to the track on the ceiling to facilitate opening and closing.

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