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Do Blackout Curtain Fabric Suppliers Introduce Which Kind Of Blackout Curtain Fabric Is Better?


Which is the best fabric for blackout curtains? Today, […]

Which is the best fabric for blackout curtains? Today, curtains have become an integral element of home decoration. The most common curtains are cotton and linen fabrics, which not only have a good drape. Next, Blackout Curtain Fabric Suppliers introduces which kind of blackout curtain fabric is better.

1. Pure cotton blackout curtains
Many young people nowadays like full blackout curtains made of simple cotton and linen fabrics, but curtains made of this material are not suitable for use in summer. The light transmission of cotton and linen is very high, which is suitable for light transmission curtains in the living room. If you want to have a blackout effect, you need to choose curtains made of pure cotton. The density of pure cotton blackout curtains is much smaller than that of cotton and linen, and the shading effect is also great. But because the cotton material has no drape and softness, it is more suitable for roller blinds.

2. Venetian full blackout curtains
We can see blinds in schools or companies, but the frequency of use at home is relatively low. The shading effect of blinds is much better than that of fabric curtains. Blinds are much cheaper to clean and maintain than fabric curtains. Just wipe it with a damp towel. To reduce the hassle, you can install blinds and total blackout curtains in your home.

3. Full blackout curtains
Blackout curtains are generally made in two forms. One is that the front is the original gray cloth, and a layer of PVC coating can be added on the back, but the curtains made of this material are relatively poor in environmental protection. The other is to add PVC cloth on the grid cloth, and a layer of shading fabric can be coated on the back. It feels more like cloth. The previous shading material is easy to stay brittle, and it is especially easy to age the cloth, and its environmental protection performance is relatively poor.

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