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Dimout Fabric Is Ideal For Blocking Light


You have decided to block the light in the room. The id […]

You have decided to block the light in the room. The ideal solution is Dimout Fabric. As the name implies, blackout curtains can block light, but they cannot block the light to the same degree. Depending on the curtain fabric, the degree of shading may be between 85% and 100%.

So how do blackout curtains work?

100% blackout curtains do not allow a single beam of light to pass through. This is the only product of its kind that can completely block light. The blackout curtains are made of innovative and proprietary 100% blackout fabrics, using triple weaving technology to provide a three-layer method for functional curtains. The special black yarn is tightly woven in the middle of the unique multi-layer insulation lining, and it is the middle yarn that transmits the barrier properties to the room.

The traditional thinking is that to block light, you will need dark colors, right? wrong. Using 95% to 100% blackout fabrics, white curtains are equally effective. In fact, you can set light or dark blackout curtains of any color. Light-colored curtains, such as white, cream, pink, and pink blue shades, are more common in nurseries, which can block the dazzling light emitted by babies during the day when they sleep. Regardless of the color, babies (or staff on duty) can sleep peacefully even during the day, because blackout curtains can block the sun, provide privacy, reduce household noise and street and road traffic noise, and provide insulation protection.

Blackout curtains can do many things for you and your room, from keeping direct sunlight – thereby preventing sunlight from damaging furniture – to reducing noise at night and providing better privacy than standard curtains to help you sleep well. They can also reduce your energy consumption, keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. No matter which window decoration you choose, you can find a complementary blackout curtain for you. However, blackout curtains are not always suitable for everyone or indoors.

If you use curtains to decorate your windows, but the curtains never move, you may need to consider blackout curtains, which would be a good choice. They can provide the same darkness as blackout curtains and have different finishes and colors. And can be cut to fit the window recess.

In fact, they are ideal for recessed low windows, while blackout curtains are ideal for larger windows and rooms, and are easy to pull and adjust vertically.

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