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Craft Classification Requirements For Blackout Curtain Fabric


Blackout Curtain Fabric refers to curtains with blackou […]

Blackout Curtain Fabric refers to curtains with blackout functions made of decorative fabrics by design and sewing. It is composed of curtain screens, curtains, and curtain rails, and the curtain rails include curtain slide rails and curtain rods. The most important thing about blackout curtains is Their function is to be used for indoor shading, and it also has certain decorative features.

1. Yarn-dyed fabric: Yarn-dyed fabric refers to classifying and dyeing the gauze according to the needs of the pattern, and then interweaving it to form a color pattern. The yarn-dyed fabric has the characteristics of strong color fastness, strong three-dimensional effect, and bright yarn-dyed texture.

2. Printed cloth: Printed cloth refers to printing matching colors and patterns on a light-colored cloth by transferring or gardening. The printed cloth has the characteristics of rich patterns and delicate and bright colors.

3. Jacquard printed cloth: Jacquard printed cloth refers to the combination of two processes of jacquard and printing, which is called jacquard printed cloth.

4. Dyeing cloth: Dyeing cloth refers to dyeing a single color on a white cloth, which is called dyed cloth. It has the characteristics of naturalness, simplicity, and elegance.

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