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Complete Your Hospital Room Design With Stylish Hospital Curtain Fabric


The design of hospital rooms is not only to provide pat […]

The design of hospital rooms is not only to provide patients with comfortable medical equipment, but also to create better health and rehabilitation experience for patients and their families during hospitalization, and to develop better working spaces for nursing staff. Whether designing a new hospital ward or renovating an existing ward, adding the right hospital curtains can greatly affect the overall appearance of the ward.

Hospital cubicle curtains-medical fabrics suspended from ceiling rails or other supporting structures to create individual private rooms for patients. These types of curtains usually have a row of mesh at the top, and the space between the bottom of the curtain and the ground prevents the floor from getting dirty every time it is cleaned and wiped.

Due to the highly specialized needs of the healthcare industry and strict regulatory requirements, hospitals need higher-quality curtains than traditional facilities. For example, they need fabrics that are not only strong and durable but also anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-static (to prevent static electricity from potentially interfering with sensitive medical equipment), flame-retardant fabrics; anti-fouling, anti-odor, anti-fluid, etc. In addition, the color of curtains can also play an important role in the rehabilitation of patients.

In order to provide the best Hospital Curtain Fabric, we ensure that all materials contained in their suppliers' products are certified and tested upon receipt. The materials are then retested, inspected, and benchmarked throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that they will meet the organization's specific product requirements.

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