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Cleaning Requirements For Polyester Curtain Fabric


Polyester Curtain Fabric is relatively easy to clean. I […]

Polyester Curtain Fabric is relatively easy to clean. It can be washed with water, machine washed, and dry cleaned. If it is washed with water, pay attention to separate fabrics with different shades of color when entering the water, otherwise, the colors will match.
When washing ordinary polyester curtains, soak them in room temperature or warm water for about 30 minutes, you can use ordinary washing powder, detergent, or soap, and then gently rub, it is best not to spin dry, do not wring hard, and gently press off the foam, Rinse again in clean water. After cleaning the curtains, try not to dehydrate and dry them. They should be naturally air-dried and ironed at low temperatures to avoid damaging their texture.

Curtains with special shapes, such as flocking and three-dimensional velvet, should be sent to dry cleaners for washing to prevent deformation. When drying, the front fluff can be combed with a clothes brush. The fleece fabric cannot be ironed on the fluffy surface, and the fluffy feel can be maintained for a long time. If the back of the polyester curtain has special fireproof glue, shading glue, or other curtains with special materials, such as easy-spun curtains or window screens.

Curtains are shaped at high temperatures and have shape memory functions. The radial direction is polyester flat yarn, which has the functions of heat insulation and UV blocking. Flat yarns are easy to stretch and deform. These types of curtains should be treated by soaking in soapy water and lightly brushed and dirty. A dirty cloth can be used.

Avoid vigorously twisting in the washing machine, and directly drip dry, hang to dry, and do not twist the buttons hard, so that the original shape and flatness can be maintained without damaging the colloid, and the easy-spinning curtains still have the original flatness after cleaning. Generally, ironing is not required. If other curtains need to be ironed, please use medium temperature to iron the cloth surface.

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