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Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Curtains


Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric Manufacturers introduces the […]

Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric Manufacturers introduces the selection requirements of curtains:


Curtains are composed of five major parts: curtain cloth, curtain rod, curtain head, curtain yarn, and buckle. In the impression of many people, when buying curtains, many people think of curtain fabrics, but it is not. But think about it carefully, if there are no inconspicuous gadgets such as curtain rods, how can curtain fabrics be used. And it is precisely because the curtains are not only composed of curtain fabrics, so when purchasing curtains, many small details will be ignored, and thus will be pitted. And the merchant's routine is, either the curtain cloth is expensive, and the accessories are free (of course, the quality is not guaranteed); or the curtain cloth is cheap, and the accessories are expensive (start to introduce your various accessories, from medium to high to low).


There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, the most common ones are pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, mixed fabrics, etc. Different fabrics, different textures, different textures.


Don't think that the size of the curtain fabric is the size of the window. The curtains you see are all wrinkled. If there are no wrinkles, there will be no drape, so the size of the curtain fabric is not equal to the size of the window. Under normal circumstances, the folds of the curtain fabric should be selected as appropriate, and it is recommended to double them here. If there are too many curtain fabrics, the first will cause the price to rise, and the second will bring a sense of weight to the curtain rod. The folds of 2 times are just right, and the three-dimensional effect is stronger, and the 1.5 times will lack the three-dimensional effect a little.


Curtain rods are now generally divided into aluminum alloys and iron. The aluminum alloy is distinguished by thickness, and the thicker the price, the more expensive it is. In general, the price of thin aluminum alloy curtain rods is 25 yuan/meter, and the slightly thicker curtain rod is 30 yuan/meter. It is recommended to choose a slightly thicker one, and the price difference is only 5 yuan/meter. After all, the current curtain fabrics are quite heavy, and the thicker ones are better. After all, the 25 yuan/meter is too thin. As for the iron material, it is 35 yuan/meter. Personally, I think it is enough to choose the aluminum alloy material of 30 yuan/meter.


In addition to curtain fabrics and curtain rods, in order to ensure the texture of the curtains themselves, merchants will recommend adding some decorations to the curtains, such as curtain heads, beads, spikes, etc. These accessories will definitely not be given to you for free. And ordinary curtains, even without these accessories, will not drop in price, and still, show their own texture. Therefore, the suggestion is to keep it simple (not including the decoration of the curtain itself).

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