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Blackout Curtains: An Amazing Historical Guide


  Blackout curtains can provide a peaceful atmosphere f […]

  Blackout curtains can provide a peaceful atmosphere for any family. These are ideal choices for creating an ideal atmosphere for lounges and home theaters. Whether you work late at night, live on a busy street, have an irritable child or enjoy watching movies, you will definitely benefit from investing in high-quality, practical and stylish blackout curtains.


  Although blackout curtains are now used for various reasons, they have a long history.


  Blackout materials are used to hide the city


  During the night air raid, all major cities in Northern Europe had power outages across the region. To solve this problem, Allied leaders believe that if the city removes any traces of artificial light, it will be difficult for the bombers to see and locate the target.


  In 1939, due to the threat of night air strikes, the United Kingdom implemented mandatory blackout regulations. Residents must cover all doors and windows at night to prevent enemy pilots from seeing even a glimmer of light in their homes.


  The government provides this material to every family and makes them affordable and easy to obtain. Usually, black cotton fabric is used, but two or three layers of fabric are also used to ensure that no light can be seen from the doors and windows.


  Mandatory power outages cause trouble to residents


  Controlled power outages have caused stress and danger to many residents. For many people, covering and opening doors and windows has become a time-consuming and laborious task. Residents with wooden window frames can easily apply blackout curtains, while residents with stone or metal frames need to complete more challenging tasks when covering the windows.


  The lights of the entire city must be covered, including car headlights and brake lights. This has led to many traffic accidents, injuries and minor crimes.


  Blackout materials are considered important


  The initial use of blackout materials during the war is still fresh in the memory. However, despite the dangers and troubles caused by the mandatory blackout, residents still appreciate the importance of these curtains. Because these curtains can effectively prevent light from entering and escaping the room, homeowners enjoy all the privacy and security they provide.


  Blackout materials have been modernized


  At present, many blackout curtains are made of dark cotton cloth and use ultra-tightly woven textiles, which can block 99.9% of the light. The fibers are then woven between two layers of colored fabric to hide the material.


  Modern curtains have different colors and styles


  In order to make your house have an ideal appearance and at the same time enjoy the tranquility and tranquility brought by the dim room, you can freely choose the color and style of the blackout curtains to suit your preferences. Currently, honeycomb curtains are the most popular curtain choice. This can cut off heat, light and ultraviolet rays, and provide insulating materials to resist external noise, thereby reducing the sound.


  In addition, you can also order standard curtains with blackout linings to add color to your room and create a stylish look. These liners can also be permanently fixed or moved independently for dimmable control.


  In conclusion

  The history of blackout curtains is surprisingly dark and unusual. Although these curtains were originally used by European residents during troubled times, they saved countless lives during the war. Nowadays, homeowners continue to enjoy the benefits they provide.


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