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Blackout Curtain Fabric Selection Requirements


Blackout Curtain Fabric selection requirements: 1. Sele […]

Blackout Curtain Fabric selection requirements:

1. Selection of size:
The size of blackout curtains should be determined according to the size of the windows. The curtains must cover the windows to achieve the blackout effect. Usually, floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains. For windows with sills higher than the floor, floor-to-ceiling curtains or window-sill curtains can be used.

2. The choice of fabric:
There are many curtain fabrics, such as cotton, yarn, satin, man-made fibers, etc., and the more suitable fabrics for blackout curtains are flocking curtains and satin curtains. This kind of curtain has a thick texture, luxurious, shading, and sound insulation. The effect is good.

3. The choice of color:
Generally, it is best to choose warm-toned curtains in the living room to set off a warm and warm atmosphere. For the bedroom, warm and softer colors can be used to give people a more romantic feeling. In the study, you can choose fresh green curtains to create a natural, quiet and secluded atmosphere.

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