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Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Curtain Size


Do antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers introduce how to cal […]

Do antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers introduce how to calculate the size of curtains when buying curtains?

1. Because there are different styles of curtains, if it is a floor-to-ceiling curtain, you should measure the window when measuring the size, add about 30 cm to the length, and add 15 cm to both sides, mainly to install curtain hooks, and When the curtain is measured from the ground, 2 to 3 cm should also be added.

2. We can directly measure from the track of the curtain to the ground, plus 3 cm, so as to ensure that the height of the curtain is sufficient, and there will be no problem with light transmission up and down, left and right.

3. If you choose a half-casement window in your home, the width and length are the same as the floor-to-ceiling windows, but the distance from the ground should be 20-30 cm. When measuring Roman shades, the upper, middle, and lower dimensions will be measured, and the width and length should basically reach 150 cm.

4. You can also directly pass the formula. First, measure the width of the window sill, add 30 cm, and multiply this length by 2 to get the width of the finished curtain.

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