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Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers Introduces The Cleaning Strategies Of Various Curtains


Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers introduces the cleaning […]

Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers introduces the cleaning strategies for various curtains:


1. Velvet curtains

Suede curtains have very high shading and cold-proof performance. Because they are thick and soft, families often choose this type of curtain, but this type of curtain is not so easy to clean. You need to disassemble it and soak it in the cleaning solution. Soapy water is fine, remember to wash it in water, if you use a washing machine, you will find that the fluff on it will fall off, so don't force it, gently rub and press it, dip it in soapy water, and put it in a cool, ventilated place to dry after washing. Avoid direct sunlight, just put it on the shelf and wait for the water to dry. I have to say that powerful curtains are really hypocritical.


2. Blinds

I feel that the blinds are really dusty, but they are also easy to clean. Just spray some water or a special cleaning agent on it, and wipe it off. You can also gently wipe the drawstring with a soft brush. Remember to pull it before cleaning. Good curtains, but the blinds are easy to break if they are pulled for a long time, so take good care of them every day, gently pull and wash them, and at the same time pay more attention to the winding maintenance between the ropes, so as to increase the service life.


3. Roller Curtains

I think it's best to clean it, just pull it down and wipe it directly, but pay attention to the hollow of the roller in the dead corner of the hygiene. This place is the most likely to accumulate dust and is most easily ignored. Use a rope to tie one end of the towel. Or a small brush can also be stretched and rotated back and forth to clean


4. Canvas or cotton and linen curtains

In fact, this kind of curtain is beautiful, but it is not used very much, but the appearance value is high, so it is generally used in superpositions. At this time, you can use the vacuum cleaner at home. If there is a vacuum cleaner in the home, first do the dust removal as a whole, and then switch to the steam mode and do it again, just like Like ironing clothes, in fact, cotton and linen curtains are easy to disassemble and wash, but they are not suitable for machine washing. This texture is relatively fragile, and it is estimated that it will not work after a few washes, so you can use a sponge to dip it in soapy water. Or just wipe gently with detergent or something.

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