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Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers Introduce Why You Can't Use Bleach To Clean Curtains?


Nowadays, curtains have become a part of furniture deco […]

Nowadays, curtains have become a part of furniture decoration and a single item of home decoration style. However, as soft clothing, there will definitely be dust or other stains in the future use process. Then, Antibacterial Fabrics Suppliers introduces why you cannot use bleach to clean curtains?

1. It should be taken off and cleaned every six months. Never use bleach when cleaning, try not to dehydrate and dry, and let it dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. It is a good idea to read the instructions on the label on the curtain before washing the curtain fabric.

2. Cleaning different curtains requires different methods. Ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but fabrics that are easy to shrink should be dry cleaned as much as possible; curtains made of canvas or hemp are best wiped with a sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution, and then rolled up after drying; velvet curtains should be cleaned first. Soak the curtains in a neutral cleaning solution, press lightly with your hands, wash them, and place them on a slanted shelf, so that the water will automatically drip dry, which will make the curtains clean as new.

3. Cleaning of window lintels and curtains (especially with lace). Soak the lace drapery with water, then wash it with warm water with soda added (half a bucket of water to 10 grams of soda), then wash twice with warm detergent water or soapy water.

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