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Advantages And Uses Of Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric


Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric has the characteristics […]

Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric has the characteristics of heat insulation and high-temperature resistance, no burning, no dripping, no burning, and no curling. It can well isolate and prevent burning, so as to effectively control the spread of fire. The fabric does not add any flame retardant during processing and finishing, which is non-toxic and harmless and has no itch on the skin. After repeated washing, it can still ensure the effect of lasting flame retardant and heat insulation. The curtains made have the advantages of a bright appearance, comfortable hand feeling, softness, and strong three-dimensional sense.

The biggest difference between permanent flame retardant curtains and disposable flame retardant curtains: when encountering an open flame within a limited time, permanent flame retardant curtains will not be burned through or melted, so as to block the flow of oxygen, isolate combustion, and prevent the spread of flames Effect. After the more popular disposable flame retardant curtains were heated, the fabric was easily burned or burned through with serious dripping phenomenon, and it could not be washed with water. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of production technology, permanent flame retardant curtains have been more and more favored by everyone since their advent.

Permanent flame retardant curtains are widely used in: households, hotels, schools (dormitories, laboratories, libraries), hospital wards, nursing homes, children's welfare homes, Internet cafes, chess and card rooms, cinemas, and other entertainment venues are densely used.

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