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A flame retardant curtain fabric is a type of blackout fabric that helps prevent fire from spreading


What is Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric? A flame retarda […]

What is Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric?

A flame retardant curtain fabric is a type of blackout fabric that helps prevent fire from spreading. They're often a standard feature in commercial and public spaces like schools, hospitals, and theatres, but they're also increasingly popular in homes and businesses.

A fire is a scary situation that everyone should take precautions against, especially in the home and buildings where people spend time. Whether you have a senior living in your home, or you're sharing an upstairs bedroom with kids, it's important to be prepared and safe.

The best way to protect your family and your belongings from fire is to buy flame-retardant fabrics for the furniture you have around the house. You can choose from a variety of materials, including silk, wool, cotton, linen and polyester.

You'll want to choose a fire retardant fabric that meets the NFPA 701 test, which measures how well a product resists flame propagation when exposed to certain sources of ignition. This test will determine if the material can be used to help keep people safe in a room where a fire could cause serious injury.

FR fabrics are made of natural or synthetic fibers and can be topically treated with a fire retardant chemical that's applied through an immersion process (dipping) or by spraying. Typically, these fabrics are woven from natural fibers such as cotton or linen, and synthetic blends such as polyester or acrylic.

These flame retardant fabrics can be a good choice for any home, because they won't melt as fast or spread as far in a fire. The flame-retardant chemicals that are used in these products are soluble in liquids and can be washed several times without losing their effectiveness.

Once you've selected your flame-retardant fabric, you need to make sure you clean it properly to maintain its flammability. Dust can build up and reduce its effectiveness, so regularly shake out your curtains and brush them with a soft bristle broom.

It's also a good idea to check the fabric for signs of wear and tear, such as holes or tears. A rip or hole can allow flames to escape, which is why you should be sure you replace any worn curtains or drapes as soon as possible.

There are many different types of flame retardant fabrics and each one has a unique set of properties and safety characteristics. Some are naturally flammable and need to be treated with a chemical, while others have been designed to resist flammability from the start.

The best flame-retardant fabrics are a combination of both. Some natural fibers, such as wool or silk, don't have much of a burning rate and are easy to extinguish by themselves. Other natural and synthetic fibers, such as cotton or linen, ignite quickly and spread a quick moving flame that can be dangerous.

When choosing a fabric for your next project, be sure to consult with a fire-retardant professional to determine the best option for you. You'll save money and your customers will have peace of mind knowing that you're using the safest fabrics available.

100% polyester smooth and soft auditorium plain multi colors satin curtain fabric

Article NO:STF0015-02




Property : Inherent flame retardant


Style :Satin

Design Color :Color can be customized

Using Scope:Public places such as hotels, home bedrooms, luxury villas

FR Standard:NFPA701,BS5867,DIN4102B1,NFP92-503M1

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