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9 Collocation Skills Of Living Room Curtain Fabric


There are two main functions of curtains in home decora […]

There are two main functions of curtains in home decoration: one is to control the lighting of the space, making the light in the space more gentle and comfortable; the other is to serve as a soft decoration matching element to increase the warmth of the space. In the decoration of most people's homes, the living room is a space that has attracted much attention. At the same time, the window in the living room is considered a relatively large window in the whole home. Therefore, the matching of curtains in this space is also very important to the decoration effect and atmosphere of the living room. Impact. Let's take a look at the collocation skills of 9 Living Room Curtain Fabrics :

1. Gray curtains: Gray is a versatile color. If this color is used on curtains, it is suitable for more than 90% of modern houses, and the effect is generally not too bad. If you haven't invited a professional designer and you feel unsure, then choose a light gray curtain, and the basic effect can be secure.

2. Sepia curtains: Brown and brown are relatively common elements in American, retro, and other decoration styles, but it is a relatively bold attempt to use them on curtains. After all, there is a large area of depression, and the matching is not good It is easy to depress space. Unless a professional designer prepares the design drawings in advance, the general owners should choose carefully if they decorate by themselves.

3. Green curtains: In simple, Nordic, and other relatively young decorations, the forest system is also a relatively popular design, especially for those who like green plants, arrange the home in a forest-style design, with green curtains, and then the whole space will reflect a fresh and energetic sense of vitality.

4. Light blue curtains: In recent years, light blue is a very popular color element in home decoration. Whether it is wall paint, furniture, or detailed soft decoration, light blue has a simple and comfortable sense of brightness, are full of comfort and natural existence. The use of light blue on large-area curtains echoes the walls of the space, giving people a very elegant and delicate feeling.

5. Dark blue curtains: dark blue is also a relatively common existence in some mature space styles. Compared with the elegance and warmth of light blue, dark blue will give people a more quiet and dignified temperament. Large-area dark blue curtains, on the one hand, have a better shading effect, and on the other hand, can also make the space look quiet and elegant.

6. Color matching curtains: You can do some color matching in the color matching of the curtains, interspersed with curtains of 2 or 3 colors, echoing other color details in the space, the overall effect will be more active and delicate.

7. Plaid floral curtains: Floral and plaid elements are unique elements of pastoral, Mediterranean, and other decoration styles. If your home decoration is of these two styles, then the matching of curtains can also be bolder, adding floral or grid Patterns and unique patterns can bring a special visual impact and enhance the style of the space.

8. Patterned curtains: In some simple and modern style living room decorations, with curtains with some patterns or patterns, it may be possible if the curtains to become a beautiful landscape in the space, especially if the balcony outside the living room is for drying clothes and the balcony outside the balcony. If the landscape is poor, the pattern of the curtains can make the atmosphere of the living room more natural and beautiful.

9. Venetian blinds: In some more modern spaces, Venetian blinds are a relatively unique existence, which can make the light in the space more layered. In the Japanese-style decoration, the wood-colored Venetian blinds can increase the privacy of the space, and the looming space atmosphere. For the type of apartment where the windows are not floor-to-ceiling windows, Venetian blinds are a good choice, which can make the curtains echo the hard decoration of the wall and become a design element combining hard decoration and soft decoration in the space.

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