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5 Curtain materials That Help Ensure 100% Blackout


  Almost all of us have been in a situation where they […]

  Almost all of us have been in a situation where they can really have a good rest, but because the harsh sunlight pierces your curtains, blinds and sun blinds during the day, it is almost impossible to fall asleep during the day. This may sound like an uncommon need, but if you think about it, you might find that you even need to take an hour's nap in the afternoon.


  In today's corporate lifestyle, the trend of working from home is getting more and more attention, and you will find yourself staying up late and staying up late to meet deadlines. You may even be a shift worker and have to work several nights a week. Either way, in order to reduce stress and the inevitable fatigue, it may be necessary to sleep during the day. Unfortunately, as long as the sun and glare are on you, it doesn't matter how comfortable your bed or sofa is. This is where blackout curtains come in. In terms of all its functions, the most important thing is that they can block almost all sunlight, making your bedroom the most conducive environment for rest.


  What are blackout curtains and how do they work?


  If it must be simply said, blackout curtains are curtains made of opaque fabrics. The purpose of these curtains is mainly to block most of the sunlight, not only to reduce glare, but also to keep you cool and comfortable while resting. The function of blackout curtains is the same as other curtains, because they can also adjust the temperature to a certain extent and provide privacy. The main difference between other curtains and blackout curtains is the degree of light filtering you can get from the curtains.


  A common misconception is that blackout curtains can only be used as bedroom curtains. This may be too simplistic. Any room that depends on lack of sunlight can benefit from blackout curtains. For example, nurseries can really benefit from blackout curtains. Babies need a lot of rest during growth to achieve full physical and mental growth. Blackout curtains can ensure that nothing distracts the child's attention and entice the child to fall asleep when the curtains are closed. They are also very useful in study rooms and home theater rooms to reduce glare and interference, thereby enhancing your viewing experience. If you or anyone living with you has a playroom, they can also use these curtains. Another place of use is your home office. If you want to give a PowerPoint presentation to customers in your home office, blackout curtains will ensure an unobstructed viewing experience. Blackout curtains are also used in hotels and company workplaces.


  A relatively self-evident benefit of blackout curtains is that they can trap air escaping from the windows, keeping the place cool in summer and warm in winter. Approximately 30% of energy loss occurs through windows. Preventing and slowing down this process can not only reduce your dependence on the thermostat, but also become a kind of economically significant energy-saving window decoration.


  What materials are the different blackout curtains made of, and how does it affect which blackout curtain I decide to buy?


  Blackout curtains are made of different types of fabrics. The common feature of different types of fabrics is that they are heavier than fabrics used to make other types of curtains. Different types of materials can bring you different advantages and disadvantages. Once you are sure that blackout curtains are the curtains you need, you should check the different materials used to make blackout curtains to see which material suits your needs.

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