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4 Tips For Picking A Living Room Curtain Fabric


The living room is a place for receiving guests and fam […]

The living room is a place for receiving guests and family activities. It is a very important public area in the space. If you want to create a more perfect overall effect, the curtains play a significant role in decoration, so how to choose Living Room Curtain Fabric ?

1. General principle: Curtains, as soft clothing, play an unusual role. The style should be solemn, and the color should not be too flowery. Generally, it is mainly spacious and bright. Curtain styles are becoming more and more abundant. As long as you grasp the principles of curtains, it is not difficult to find suitable curtains.

2. Color selection: According to the decoration style, choose the corresponding color. For example, dark curtains give people a solemn and atmospheric visual effect; light-toned fabrics are better, which can create a fresh and comfortable feeling of simplicity and warmth. Curtain colors can be matched with the sofa. For example a white Italian sofa, you might as well use pink or green fabrics.

3. Material selection: If you want to create a cool home environment in summer, it is recommended to use soft fabrics; if you want to create a luxurious and atmospheric home environment, it is recommended to use silk fabrics as the main material. Different materials have their own advantages.

4. Color pattern: The color is coordinated with the living room and can be determined according to the overall decoration style of the living room.

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