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3 Reasons To Choose Polyester Curtain Fabric


There are many curtain fabrics, the common ones are cot […]

There are many curtain fabrics, the common ones are cotton, linen, polyester, silk, chemical fiber, and other 5 curtain materials. The curtain market is mixed, and many small partners report that it is very headache. Some friends suggest using polyester curtains, but another question is polyester curtains, okay? Why do most people choose Polyester Curtain Fabric ?


(1) Why not choose pure natural materials such as cotton or hemp?

Isn’t it natural to be pure and natural? Curtains are often exposed to sunlight, cotton fabrics are easy to fade, and large areas of cotton fabrics are very easy to accumulate dust. It is a relatively large cleaning project to remove and wash curtains, and cotton fabrics are very easy to pick up during the cleaning and care process. The ball shrinks, which greatly affects the look and feel, and needs tossing; while the linen curtain needs to be washed with lye, and it must be gently washed and rinsed several times with water. It must be flat to dry, and iron must be used after drying. Iron it out, or it will wrinkle out of shape. Therefore, for the convenience of daily use, these two materials that require energy are generally not considered.


(2) Why not choose a nylon curtain that is the same as polyester, which is a man-made material?

The single-layer nylon curtain material has a texture, the quality of the nylon material is uneven, and the material itself has some limitations such as fading and oxidation, so the application in the field of home improvement is very rare.


(3) Why not choose silk curtains?

The reason is relatively simple - expensive, the style is limited, silk curtains are mostly used in more expensive scenes, it is difficult to hold, after all, many of the current decoration is to improve the life experience and adapt to the convenience of life.

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